Mari Layers Tutorial | Everything you need to know

Mari layers are the foundation for every new texture artist, you might come from Substance Painter and feel that going straight into the node graph is one bridge too far. Fear not we got you covered in this introduction to Mari Tutorial course. You can download the Free asset and follow along. If you are brand new and don’t even own a copy of Mari, to begin with, the course is suited for the non-commercial version of Mari that you can download from the Foundry site

This episode serves as an insightful overview, providing a compass for navigating the diverse functionalities that the layer tools bring to your creative arsenal. Join us as we lay the foundation for a more profound understanding, setting the stage for upcoming episodes where we will immerse ourselves in various workflows, peeling back the layers to reveal the nuanced techniques and strategies that will amplify your mastery of Mari 7 Layers.

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