The Meshmen History

Meshmen started as a column by me, Peter Aversten and Fredrik Fogelqvist in the digital art magazine Mac Art & Design later re-named EFX art & Design. The magazine was focusing on creative image manipulation and new technologies where 3d was a big part.

This was in the mid 1990s and the Internet was just emerging and we started to make simple 3d illustrations for what today would be called a blog. We took current subjects and limited ourselves to each day if possible create an illustration during our lunch break and then upload it to our homepage. We called this page all meshed up. The images that just looked terrible we sent to our other homepage the 3d Junkyard.

We also started to explore the early days of digital video editing where we filmed and edited shorts. also on our lunch breaks.

It was fun times with a lot of creativity

Both me and Fredrik moved from Orebro to Stockholm, Sweden in the early 2000s. Me to study Visual effects and Fredrik to continue his career in photo retouch and illustration. We continued to write for the magazine until it was discontinued around 2003

Meshmen Studio today.

Today Meshmen Studio is focusing to Support emerging digital artists mainly in the Texturing and look-development and VFX field where I have been working for the last 20 years now in different capacities such as 3d generalist to texture and look-development artist, and now as Texture Supervisor.

To further reach out to artists I created the Youtube channel Meshmen Studio to accompany this blog with material and also collaborating with brands such as Pixar Renderman and The Gnomon Workshop where I have been creating educational materials.

Meshmen Studio

helping artist one pixel at a time