Mari User interface | Become a texture artist

In part three of our comprehensive series on using Mari 6, we now turn our attention to the user interface. This segment will shine a light on the vital aspects of Mari’s interface, covering toolbars, tabs, and how to tailor it to your preferences. Whether you’re a newcomer venturing into the world of texture art or an established artist seeking to enhance your skills, all while navigating the challenges posed by the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes, this series is designed to assist you on your journey. Don’t forget, you can follow along using the non-commercial version of Mari 6.

In this episode, we look at the various control bars and tabs, menus in Mari. It’s a complete bird’ eye view of the interface to get you familiar with the basic concepts before we go into more detail in various workflows as the series progress.

If you have not downloaded the non-commercial Mari so you can follow don’t you do it now

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