LAMA In Katana | Renderman 24 tutorial

Renderman 24 Lama in Katana

While I had my 30 days free trial of Katana Renderman managed to release the final version of Renderman 24 and I wanted to see how well it played with Katana and the Network Material Create node building system. I have to say the system is great for building layered materials and the New LAMA system from Pixar is well suited to blend different complex shading together. 

Take a look at how I play around with the different shaders in real time!

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So what does LAMA mean it can’t be the animal right?

MaterialX Lama is a state of the art material layering system developed at Industrial Light & Magic that introduces a modular approach to building material networks and includes recent shading R&D work on energy conservation and dispersion. 

The MaterialX Lama project represents ongoing R&D into materials at ILM, and represents one facet of the larger MaterialX project.  

MaterialX Lama node composition also offers a simpler built-in mechanism for energy conservation and other properties, because of its fundamental focus on layering of physically based responses.

MaterialX Lama is battle-tested at ILM and RenderMan will be able to take advantage of ongoing work as it evolves.

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